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Arkansas Divorce Records

Copies of divorce records are permanently kept by county Record Office of Licensing Branch’s, and may be obtained at any time. The guidelines that must be followed may vary by state, and unfortunately you must obtain your AR divorce records through the Office in the state your divorce took place in, no matter your current location. The waiting period can sometimes be quite long depending on the workload being experienced at the location you must deal with.

Arkansas divorce records are vital for a number of reasons. First of all they are the proof that your divorce was finalized in a Court of Law and that the documents were signed by a Judge. Both of these scenarios have to have been met for a divorce to be considered legal and complete.

Many people can go through the process of divorce and believe they’ve reached the conclusion of the affair when in reality they have not. This can be the case for a few reasons, and occurs quite frequently in cases where an uncontested divorce has been filed, and the respondent fails to file a response.

Saving yourself future difficulties by ensuring your divorce in legal and finalized is of the utmost importance. The wait just to receive copies of these documents can take some time, the process of still having to finalize the divorce and receive the documents considerably more. If these documents were required for to complete another process and you this was the case it could prove extremely troublesome.

The number one reason for getting copies of these documents is so one can remarry, and these documents naturally are required for this to take place. Changing one’s legal name and applying for landed immigration status could also warrant the necessity for these records.

Divorce is an ever more common occurrence, and several websites have sprung up that deal solely in keeping a database of these records to help speed up the process, and make it easy for people to not only get their own Arkansas divorce records, put look up the divorce records of others if they wish.

In a situation where you need to present these records, try to ascertain whether the documents need to be certified or not. A certified copy will display the signature of the proper authority and feature a raised seal. Be aware that getting a certified copy will take longer than an uncertified one, so if your particular need does not require a certified copy, you’re better off quickly acquiring an uncertified one.